Core Keeper: How to use Lush Moss

Let’s find out How to use Lush Moss in Core Keeper!

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With the new Sunken Sea comes different varieties of resources, materials, and items needed for crafting. With this update, players have the ability to spawn hunters and farmers that spawn over in the Azeos Wilderness biome, because they have one of the best loots. To spawn these mobs, you will need a Lush Moss that will allow you to create a spawn point in your base, and also with that to create a mob farm and an AFK mob farm.

In this guide, we will tell you everything about the Lush Moss in Core Keeper!

How to use Lush Moss – Core Keeper

This item can be found in the Azeos Wilderness area, but the best bet is to travel over there and kill some of the hunters and farmers, and then they have a very small chance to drop the Lush Moss.

Once you have enough of the Lush Moss, you can place it down in your base and make it like a farm where the mobs will spawn very quickly. You can plant your land and put some fences where you can keep the hunters and the farmers inside.

Here you can farm the exclusive loot like the farmer hats, pedal rings, and the hunter set which is really awesome.

When you put the Lush Moss down, make sure to have something around whether it’s water like a moat to box them in so they can’t escape, or even you can use spikes inside the farm to kill them as fast as they spawn. After that come back once in a while just to grab their loot.

The best thing is that the mobs can spawn even on a dirt ground, it doesn’t need to be ground from the Azeos Wilderness. All you need to do is just to plant enough of the Lush Moss and the mobs will never stop spawning.

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