Check out this guide and learn how you can AFK Farm Malugaz in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper is an open-world game where you can dig around the map and explore certain areas. In each biome, there are bosses that you can kill and earn great rewards. All of the bosses can be re-spawned and players have managed to find a way to farm them and kill them while being AFK.

This guide will show you how to AFK Farm Malugaz in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper: Malugaz AFK Farming Guide

Malugz is a secret hidden boss that is hard to beat. You can find him in the stone biome in his small arena.

Once you’ve found his location and know where the exact spawning point is. Place 2 layers of spikes and make sure to leave 1 block clear so you are able to spawn the boss.

Your next task is to dig the left side of the wall in the arena to make a hole where you cannot break stuff anymore. After that, go to the other side of the wall and place some wooden bridges, and a fence at the end.

This method will work because Malugaz will be stopped from teleporting in your location and die from the spikes instantly.

Once you place the egg and begin spawning Malugaz, walk up to the bridge with the fence and break all 3 remaining wooden bridges, you only need to stand in the same block where the fence has been placed. This way Malugaz will have no possible way of reaching you.

After some time and a lot of spike hits, Malugaz will die and you can go back, repeat the process and get your loot.

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