Check out this amazing Dodge Build in Core Keeper and walk around your enemies like there is nobody around!

Core Keeper continues to amaze players with the latest Sunken Sea Updates and all the new content that has come with it. New incredible equipment pieces have been added to the game that can make your character be the greatest at dodging attacks and be almost invincible to anything.

This guide will show you a great Dodge Build in Core Keeper Sunken Sea Update!

Maximum Dodge Build – Core Keeper


With this build, bosses can be easily defeated as you don’t need to worry about mechanics too much.

Here is a list of all the items and their stats that you can use to get the most dodge chance:

  • Sunglasses: (+9% Dodge Chance)
  • Hunter Cloak: (+36 Max Health, +7% Dodge Chance, +11.5% Range Damage)
  • Caveling Pants: (+20 Max Health, +5% Dodge Chance, +8% Mining Damage)
  • X2 Melting Crystal Ring: (+7% Dodge Chance)
  • Conch Shell Necklace: (+25 Max Health, +14 Armor, +8% Dodge Chance)
  • Caveling ID: (+10% Dodge Chance)

You can reinforce the armor pieces in your salvage & repair station to get some extra stat boosts. With all armor pieces reinforced and the proper items obtained, you will get to around 40% Dodge Chance.


Once you’ve been set up with proper equipment, move over to your skill tree and go to the fishing skill. The third row, the skill on the left side called “Studied Patterns” is a skill that can get you an additional +10% Dodge Chance. Max that out to 5 levels.

The next skill to look for is the “Balanced Stance”. This skill can be located in the Running skill tree, and it will give you +25% dodge chance after standing still for a short time. Get that up to 5 levels.

If you stand still with this skill and the previous one applied, your total dodge chance will reach 90%.

Once you are moving around the area, the overall dodge chance will be 66%.


By far one of the best food items for having a lot of dodge chance is the Rare Oat Cereal. To obtain this food item, you will need to fish the Golden Dart fish in the Sunken Sea biome and cook it with almost anything.

Once you’ve obtained the Rare Oat Cereal, these are the following stats that you will get from it:

  • +17 Food
  • +15.1 Health Every second for 20 seconds
  • +12% Less Food Drained when running for 5 minutes
  • +18% Dodge Chance for 5 minutes
  • +5.0% Melee Attack speed for 30 seconds

This food item can be used if you are missing some points in your dodge stat. The maximum dodge chance cap is 90%, meaning that you can’t go past 90%.

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