Core Keeper: New Crops Guide (Sunken Sea Update)

Want to learn more about the new crops from Sunken Sea Update in Core Keeper? Read this guide and learn what they have to offer.

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With the Sunken Sea Update taking place in Core Keeper, new content has been added to the game. A part of this content are the newest crops that you can find and grow in your base. Some of these crops will grow into wonderful foods and get you great benefits!

This guide will show you all you need to know about the newest crops in the sunken sea update in Core Keeper!

New Crops Guide (Sunken Sea Update) – Core Keeper

1. Blow Oat

This new crop has the look like wheat plant with different types of yellow color and can for sure benefit you pretty much.

You can also cook this item but even if you decide not to you’ll gain +28 food by just consuming it raw.

It’s separated in different areas from the Pinegrapple and the Pawpaya seed. It can be found in the Azeos Wilderness in the place shown in the following picture:

Once you’re there go directly and use the tools to crush the yellow balls on the ground. Eventually from some of them, you’ll get the seeds.

You may also try to kill the farmers from this area. They may also have some of the seeds in their pockets.

You can plant the Bloat Oat in only the normal dirt soil that you have at the core.

It can also become gold if you have the skills under the gardening skill tree, and with your expert gardener unlocked, you can get a +15% more chance to make them gold.

2. Pawpaya Seed

It’s a bit confusing when it comes to the one, because looks like a pineapple.

You can plant this one in only the beach sand part from the core.

It can be found in the same area as the Pinegrapple but on the other site. How to get there will be explained in the part written for the Pinegrapple.

Incredibly, +12 food and even +6.3 health every second for 20 seconds. It can also be cooked and used in other mixtures.

3. Pinegrapple

Same as the previous types of crops this one can have its golden form too. It also has the look of a purple flower.

Same as the Pawpaya seed can be planted on beach sand only, that can be dug out from the islands too.

From this one, you’ll gain +12 food and +5.4 health every second for 20 seconds.

To get this one and the Pawpaya seed as well, you’ll need to go and open the sunken see biome and go into the following area:

Once you’re there grab the blue flowers.

You can next use the great gardening (+25 chance to gain a seed when harvesting plants), if available.

To double that choose to use the other options and put this one, for example on a farmer’s hat which will bring you +20 max health, +7% more healing from health over time regeneration and +10.1% extra harvest chance.

The petal ring as well can help you to get a +31 max health and + 22.7% extra harvest chance.

4. Mixtures & Combinations

Mixture 1 – Pinegrapple + Pinegrapple = Sweet Tropics Smoothie (+30 food, +5.4 health every second for every 20 seconds, 22.4% melee damage for 20 seconds and +5% melee attack speed for 20 seconds)

Mixture 2 – Bloat Oat + Bloat Oat = Filling Oat Cereal (+64 food, +9.1 health every second for 20 seconds and +5% melee attack speed for 20 seconds)

Mixture 3- Pewpaya + Pewpaya = Juicy Fruit Smoothie (+30 food, 6.3% health every second for 20 seconds, +22.4% range damage for 5 min., +5% melee speed attack for 20 seconds).

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