Core Keeper: Oceanheart Necklace Location

Looking for the Oceanheart Necklace in Core Keeper? Check out this guide to find it!

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The Oceanheart necklace is part of the newest sunken sea update in Core Keeper. This item is needed if you want to survive much better in this game. An exotic item that will give you a lot of health and health regeneration at the same time.

This guide will show you how to obtain the Oceanheart necklace in Core Keeper!

Oceanheart Necklace Location – Core Keeper

This item can be obtained once you’ve unlocked the Sunken Sea Biome in the game. This island can be located on random areas for everyone. But it’s recommended that you look under the area where the Omoroth boss is located.

You will know that you’ve gotten to the right island when you see a crashed ship on it.

The island on the map is small, it’s hard to find it like that, the best way to look for it is by checking all the smaller island around the biome with a boat.

Try to move inside the island until you enter a small room. Inside that room, you will find a chest that is filled with a ton of different loot, including the Oceanheart Necklace.

The necklace has two bonuses, they are:

  • +42 Max Health
  • +21% More Healing from Health over time Regeneration

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