Time to see how well this Phantom Spark build operates in Core Keeper! Check out the best ranged damage build in the Sunken Sea Update!

The Phantom Spark is the newest legendary ranged weapon that you can use in the sunken sea update in Core Keeper! This weapon provides you with a ton of cool abilities and status effects that will surely bring down bosses like a piece of cake! Gather your items, make your build and clear out everything that stands in your way.

This guide will show you the best Phantom Spark ranged damage build in Core Keeper!

Phantom Spark Build (Ranged Damage) – Core Keeper


With all the new ranged damage items in the sunken sea update, players can now make a ton of different builds and be very creative with their status points.

For this build, you want to have the following items for your character:

  • Slime Helm
  • Ivy’s Thorn Harness
  • Ivy’s Pants
  • Morpha’s Ring x2
  • Polished Copper Cross Necklace
  • Blue Leather Tome

All of these items will grant the player extra ranged damage and critical strike chance.

The Slime Helm will give the player:

  • +29 Max Health
  • +16 Armor
  • +8.0% Damage

The Ivy’s Thorn Harness will give the player:

  • +70 Max Health
  • +31% Critical Hit Damage

The Ivy’s Pants will give the player:

  • +65 % Max Health
  • +31% Critical Hit Damage
  • Extra +26% Critical Hit Chance if you poison your enemies

The Morphia’s Rings will give the player:

  • +36% Critical Hit Damage x2 (Two Rings of the same Kind)

The Polished Copper Cross Necklace will give the player:

  • +8% Critical Hit Chance
  • +18% Critical Hit Damage

The Blue Leather Tome will give the player:

  • +21.6% Ranged Damage


For your skills, you want to head over and open up your Range Combat skill tree and try to get the Amplified Precision 5/5 skill which will give you +40% Critical Hit Damage.

The next skill tree to choose is the Fishing skill tree. Here you want to try and obtain the Power of Omega-3! 5/5 skill which will give you +15% damage against bosses after eating fish or cooked food made out of fish.

Fish will be the main ingredient for this update that you will be using for creating great foods. Combine this skill with your other status effects and you will have a great time deleting bosses.

At the Cooking skill tree, you should want to get The Smell of Food 5/5 which will be great for almost any types of fights, you simply get a +20.0% damage increase.

The last skill to look for can be found in the Melee Combat area. Here you will need to obtain the Strength of the Ancients 5/5 skill. This skill is going to grant you extra +20% Damage against bosses.

Combining all of this together will get your damage up to 740+ damage. The build is focused mainly on critical damage. You will have around 300% critical hit damage upon each critical hit.


When it comes to food, there are a ton of combinations that you can make and eat foods to get more stats, but by far one of the better food options for this build is the Coral Red Gold Steak. This food item will grant you the following stats:

  • +31 Food
  • +16% Critical Hit Chance for 2 Min. 36 Seconds
  • +4 Life on Melee hit for 2 Min. 36 Seconds
  • +7.0 Health Every Sec. for 26 seconds
  • +53.3% Range Damage for 6 Min. 30 Seconds
  • +15% Damage Against Bosses for 1 Min. 18 Seconds

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