Core Keeper: Transmog Guide

Time to change your new outfit and transmog in Core Keeper! Check out this guide to find out how!

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Core Keeper has given the community a ton of different content, including a magical shelf that will allow you to transmog your equipment and change the way you look. With this method, you can make your character look cool and maybe obtain a cool-looking set.

This guide will show you how to transmog your items in Core Keeper.

Transmog Guide – Core Keeper

The Magical Dresser is the item that you will need to craft and place inside your base to begin the transmog guide.

Go to your carpenter work station and hover over the Dresser item to see what materials you will need.

To craft the dresser, you will need to obtain 12 Wood and 5 Tin Bar.

Once you have it, place it down and you can put any piece of equipment you like that is either a Helmet, Chest, Pants!

You can click on the icons to remove all the clothing you have, and at the end, you can make your character look with the most basic looks.

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