Core Keeper: Ultimate Fishing Guide

Let’s learn together how to fish in Core Keeper!

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Core Keeper is an amazing open-world game where you have the ability to do many things, from base building to fighting monsters and even fishing. Fishing is a great asset of the game because you can obtain great fish that give out status effect boosts which can help you defeat bosses and do other great things much easier.

This guide will show you how to fish in Core Keeper!

Core Keeper: Ultimate Fishing Guide

How to Obtain a Fishing Rod

You can obtain fishing rods by going into the mineshaft areas and breaking the boxes. Once you begin breaking some of the boxes, you will have a chance in obtaining the fishing rod.

You can also craft a fishing rod. The Tin Fishing rod is the first fishing rod that you can unlock and it’s the most basic one.

You simply need to obtain the required materials and craft it.

Tin can be obtained in the clay biome, which is the red area on your map.

How to Fish

To begin fishing, you want to have the fishing rod equipped in your hand and find water.

Once you are next to water, left trigger to cast your rod and begin fishing.

Once you see the bop splash into the water, you will know that something is hooked. Press left click again and you will begin the fish catching mini-game.

Your goal is to pull the fish towards the fishing rod on the left side. You must be careful as you don’t pull the fish too hard or you may snap the rod. Watch the color of the fish when it turns red, and also keep an eye on the bar that fills up as you pull.

Once you pull the fish towards the needed area on the left, it will turn green, meaning that you’ve caught it.

There is a fishing skill. Meaning that if you continue catching more fish, that skill will get higher and fishing will become much easier, and you will also have a chance to obtain high quality fish.

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