CROWZ: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Check out these Tips & Tricks in CROWZ!

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Crowz Squad Operation is a new, PUBG style, battle royale game that has mechanics both familiar and new. It attracted players that loved the genre because of the unique way to win the game. Crowz plays like an open battlefield, where you will be matched with other players or go with your friends to finish objectives and survive in the game. We have some tips and tricks that will make your game even easier to play

In this guide, we will show you the Tips & Tricks in CROWZ!

CROWZ: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Do not Drop to Tall Buildings

Before the match starts, after you drop off the plane, don’t use the trees to land on them, because they won’t let you survive, instead, you will fall to the ground and murder yourself. Do not drop to tall buildings!

Don’t Jump out of Moving Vehicles

If you have to obtain all of the nearby equipment, you could move to another area using a vehicle while the enemies are chasing and shoot on you.

You could think to escape the area and recover first, but if you jump out of the moving vehicle, the enemies will kill you instantly, so better stay in the vehicle.

Don’t go Alone to Areas With Enemy Extractors

You can pick up a Q-on extractor and you can install it at the white icons on the mini-map, and if the icon is blue, that meant an ally is installing an extractor.

If it’s red, that means it’s being installed by an enemy and you should never head to a red area alone.

Supplies are Heavier Than you Think

After you install the Q-on, you can use your Q-on to request supplies that can be seen by the other players also.

Better find a safe place to call for them and make sure don’t stay under them. If you are standing under the supplies you can be crushed to death.

Please wait nearby as the supplies are falling.

Listen to Your Team

The core of CROWZ is listening to your squad and moving as one body. You should move when your squad moves and wait when your squad waits.

If you move alone, you will end with many shots on you from the enemies.

If Your Allies are in Danger, go Save Them!

If you see an ally who is bleeding out, you need to quickly secure your position so you can revive them. You can safely revive collapsed allies if you can quickly understand why your allies collapsed and remove the threat.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings as you Move

The most important thing as a squad is to move while keeping a reasonable amount of spacing between yourselves.

The key is to be close enough to help when being attacked by the enemy. Please keep a reasonable distance, because you cannot help your allies if you are too far away.