CROWZ: Where to Claim Rewards and XP Boosts? (Find Out)

You’ve received a reward and don’t know where it is to claim it? Check out this guide to find out where you can claim your rewards and XP boosts in CROWZ!

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CROWZ is a great BR game that features a ton of interesting shooting mechanics where players will fight against each other on a giant map and win until there is 1 group alive. An annoying part in this game is that the reward claiming system is messy and many players struggle to find the area where the rewards are for them to be claimed.

This guide will show you where you can claim rewards and XP Boosts in CROWZ.

Where to Claim Rewards and XP Boosts? (Find Out) – CROWZ

Once you open up your   “Records” tab, you will have a small red dot on an area which will mean that you either have a mission or a challenge completed and you need to obtain a reward from it.

Upon claiming the reward, the box will disappear and there will be nothing indicating you where the reward is for you to fully claim it.

To claim the reward, press on the “Shop” tab and press on the “Owned List”. Inside this area, you will finally find your box and be able to claim the rewards from it.

You can sometimes check your mail which is on the top right side of the screen main menu to receive various rewards from different places.

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