Cult of the Lamb: Beginner Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Want to know which are the best beginner tips and tricks for Cult of the Lamb? Check out this guide to find out!

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Cult of the Lamb is an amazing action-adventure game where you are a lamb and your mission is to free your master by going through bloody crusades and defeating various enemies. Your master is the one who has offered you a second life and gives you a great mission to break the chains and let him loose.

This guide will show you the beginner tips and tricks for Cult of the Lamb!

Beginner Guide (Tips and Tricks) – Cult of the Lamb

In this game, you are going around the lands and building a cult. This cult will follow you around and your main goal is to find the source from where your master has been chained and free him.

Once you start the game, you will be a killed lamb and find yourself in an area where a group of monsters will perform a sacrifice on you. Start off your journey by getting sacrificed!

Once you’ve been sacrificed, you will need to start slaying everything that is standing in your way until you find the first follower and begin creating the cult.

With your first ever follower obtained, you can head back to your base and set him to chop down trees or go mining for you. This means that the game has a resource gathering system for you to become stronger and have a better base.

You can do this work yourself if you want to speed up the process of obtaining materials, but your followers can do the job for you while you do other objectives.

With the first objectives done, you will now need to build a fireplace for yourself and your followers.
Here you can also cook food for your followers and maintain their stats.

The first ever cooking ingredient that you can do is a Basic Berry Bowl. You can create this at your cooking station by spending 7 berries and making the food.

Once you are done with that, you will need to head to an adventure, free and obtain more followers to create and manage the greatest cult. Pick yourself a weapon when you start as well as a curse and head out on an adventure!

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