Cult of the Lamb: Will Followers Gather While Offline? (Find Out!)

Turning off the game and figuring out if your Followers are still gathering materials in Cult of the Lamb? Check out this guide to find out!

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Cult of the Lamb is an amazing action-adventure game where you are a lamb and your mission is to free your master by going through bloody crusades and defeating various enemies. Your master is the one who has offered you a second life and gives you a great mission to break the chains and let him loose.

In this guide, you will find out if your followers will gather materials when you are offline in Cult of the Lamb!

Will Followers Gather While Offline? (Find Out!) – Cult of the Lamb

The Followers in Cult of the Lamb are part of your cult. To obtain them, you will need to fight off various monsters and destroy the chains that are trapping the poor followers.

Once you’ve rescued a follower, you can take them back at your camp and give them objectives that they can do. These objectives are:

  • Cutting Wood
  • Mine Stones

Give them one of these objectives and they will begin collecting resources for you.

These followers are only able to collect resources when you are playing the game. If you decide to close off the game, the followers will pause and will not gather resources.

You can always try to AFK the game and leave it open for the followers to get resources for you.

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