Darza’s Dominion: Beginner Guide

Let’s learn the basics for Darza’s Dominion!

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Darza’s Dominion is a newly released MMORPG that offers the player a great adventure. You will be given a character to choose from and explore the wildlands! You will also stumble upon enemies and go through many difficult puzzles and obstacle courses. It’s great to first learn the basics of the game and then continue on with playing.

This guide will show you all you need to know to have a great start in Darza’s Dominion!

Darza’s Dominion: Beginner Guide

Main Menu & Character Creation

Once you start up the game, you will get a simple start menu option with 3 different options:

  • Play
  • Servers
  • Map Editor

Once you press “Play”, you will be sent to an area with statues that will give you a great variety of characters you can play.

After you’ve walked up to the statue, you will see a few characters, all with their difficulty and description. For new players, it’s recommended to choose between Juggernaut and Apothecary.

Spawning & Wilderness

Once the character has been created, you will enter a small tutorial about the game. The short intro will lead you to the middle of the map, where you will see a ton of new players.

On the west side of your spawn point, you will find the vaults where you can store your loot.

To start playing the game, continue going north from the nexus and enter one of the portals.

Before entering this portal, note that if your character dies, he gets deleted. Be prepared for any enemies.

Once you enter the portal, you will be teleported to the wilderness where you will encounter a lot of enemies which you get EXP and loot from once they are killed.

EXP is shared, meaning that you don’t need to do a killing blow to gain it, simply attack monsters. The fastest way to gain EXP is through attacking bigger monsters.

Monsters drop loot that is displayed as a bag on the ground, walk up to the bag and drag the item into your inventory.

You can check the loot in the bag by holding the control button and hovering your cursor over the bag.

Character Survival

The Apothecary is an interesting champion that can heal himself by pressing space where the cursor is aimed, that ability will spawn a green circle that will heal anyone around it.

Your HP regenerates at a slow rate, but you are able to use Health Potions to heal faster.

As you continue roaming around the map, you will enter the God-Lands, these lands are filled with high damaging monsters that you need to be careful.

There are 3 God-Lands, they are:

  • Desert
  • Jungle
  • Snow Biome

Killing a certain enemy has a chance to spawn a portal that will take you to an area where there are a lot of monsters to farm and obtain goods, it’s not recommended to enter the portal as a new player.

If you end up in a messy situation and you know that you will die, just press R and you will be teleported back to the nexus.

Each enemy has attacks that you can dodge, if you master the dodging mechanic in the game, you can easily attack higher-level monsters to gain more EXP.

Field of View

You can rotate the screen by pressing either E or Q. You can reset the screen to be on the default view by pressing Z.

You can also open up options and zoom in or zoom out your field of view by changing the World Scale meter. Make sure to have your Auto Scale Word toggled off. These options can be found under “Graphics”

Character Statistics

Your character comes with 6 different statistics, you can check them by pressing the middle option above your mana, the Apothecary character has the following 6 statistics:

  • Speed (Movement Speed)
  • Armor
  • Vitality (Health Regeneration)
  • Dexterity (Attach Speed)
  • Attack
  • Wisdom (Mana Regeneration)

Currency & Shops

If you die, you earn Glory Points. You can use these Glory Points to trade with vendors. Another currency in the game is gold coins which are also used to trade with vendors.

Gold can be earned for free by completing challenges in the game. You can use gold to purchase a new character or purchase another chest in the nexus vault area.

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