In this guide you will find 5 tips for winning in Deathverse: Let it Die.

Set in post-apocalyptic Earth, Deathverse: Let it Die is an action-packed online PvP game where you fight for survival as a player in an inhumanely violent survival reality show called Death Jamboree. This was set several hundred years later after a seismic disaster known as Earth’s Rage sent the world into disarray in year 2026.

This game has just been released on Steam and a lot of players have been taking interest. How exactly can you be the last man standing in the Death Jamboree? Find out in this guide.

5 Tips for Winning – Deathverse: Let it Die

Deathverse: Let It Die distinguishes itself from many other Battle Royale in its core game mechanics. It is crucial that players understand the basics in order to emerge as the last player standing.

GP and Power Level

As the game is set in a post-apocalyptic reality show, it actually rewards you for playing aggressively. To gain health and strength, the player needs to fight his way to it. In the beginning of the game, players start out with an equal attack power of one. As you fight and deal damage towards other players, you are rewarded with GP.

When you have collected enough GP, you will be able to advance to the next power threshold. Moreover, GP grants you extra health. In this game, it is always better to stay in the offensive as it keeps you alive. And you have to consistently seek as much strength as possible for the final showdown. Otherwise, you will be left with a massive disadvantage.

You can also gain GP by eating mushrooms or killing creatures around the map. You just have to take precaution as some mushrooms can be poisonous and can cause certain effects that may linger for a while and have you at a significant disadvantage.

Utilize Your Environment

Positional advantage is key. Always be one step ahead of the enemy. Take note of these things that you need to watch out for when you want positional advantage:

  • Metallic Surfaces – These can be shocked using your shield projectile. When hit, this can stun your enemy rendering them unable to block or attack for a certain period, making them vulnerable.
  • Destructible Surfaces – These are red-colored platforms which are brittle and can be struck for an easy trap which would leave your opponents disoriented and open to a dive attack. These can also be an escape route from pursuing opponents. Pitfalls can be abundant on certain maps and can be used to easily eliminate opponents.

Sub Weapons

Sub weapons are actually available to all players and can be used without limits. They only require cooldowns. Watch out for these items and try to experiment as many of them as you can as these are more valuable than they first seem.

 Some notable sub weapons include:

  • Mini trampoline – can be used to escape an offensive opponent or reach a higher platform; it can also be used offensively to free dive attack an unsuspecting opponent
  • Decoy bomb  – can be used to bait opponents into attacking a damage dealing dummy and deal splash damage that can stun and knock back opponents

Weapon Variation

No two weapons are the same. Players can actually craft variations of weapons that not only have different looks but different passives and abilities, as well.

Always be in the look out for materials that can be used to craft something new and try to miss and match until you have found your favorite.

Some favorites include the Saw-blade which you can use to surf, and Rocket Arms which allow you to fly high enough for a dive attack.

Block and Evade

Take advantage of blocking or the shield projectile. This is very effective save for some shield shattering weapons. Moreover, a counter hit after a successful block is extremely crucial when you want to shift the battle to your advantage.

However, there will be times where it isn’t wise to block. So it is best to learn to read your opponent’s moves and predict the next ones. Maximize your evasive dash ability to a favorable position and punish the opponent.

We hope these tips can help you on your quest to win in the Death Jamboree!

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