Learn beginner tips and tricks in Deathverse: Let it Die in this guide!

Set in post-apocalyptic Earth, Deathverse: Let it Die is an action-packed online PvP game where you fight for survival as a player in an inhumanely violent survival reality show called Death Jamboree. This was set several hundred years later after a seismic disaster known as Earth’s Rage sent the world into disarray in year 2026.

This game has just been released on Steam and a lot of players have been taking interest. So here are beginner combat guide and tips on Deathverse: Let it Die.

Beginner Combat Guide – Deathverse: Let it Die

Play Safe

In the beginning of this game, you will wield a katana. With the katana, you can hit the opponent three times before the opponent gets a chance to recess neutral and do whatever he wants to do. The thing is, you cannot keep mashing because you could actually get clipped. Remember, this is a survival game, and naturally, you would want to survive.

 The best thing that you would want to do with your katana is to miss the first hit and then hit your opponent with the second. This way, you can hold the third hit and strike only in defense. And then the string will start over. This way you can always get the defensive in the third strike and the offensive in the second strike, and punish your opponent with your special move.

Now, when the opponent has their shield up, you can strike the first hit or strike both the first and second, and then run away. Never let go of the third hit because then you will become vulnerable to getting punished. You cannot break the shield with the katana, anyway. So play it safe.

Special Abilities

In the game, you also have special abilities and this is kind of a game-changer. You can hold the L1 button and then press R1 to release your special move and do a great deal of damage to your opponent.

Each character has a certain move that they can do when you press the    ⃣   (square) button. But this ability has a cooldown which renders your ability unavailable. When you can’t use your special abilities, that makes you vulnerable too, so you have to avoid or dodge attacks as much as possible. With the katana, you can actually break shields with the special ability.

And then there are these some sort of batteries or mana that you can find. These actually expedite the cooldown so you want to watch out for these so you can use your abilities as frequently as you want to.

What the  ⃤  (triangle) button does is to utilize sub-skills. You can find them around just press   ⃣   to pick it up and then   ⃤   to release.

The katana does not really do much damage but it is actually pretty good as a starter weapon. It has a good range and you can stun your opponent. That special ability to break armors is crucial for any combat.

There you have it. Enjoy!