Deceive Inc: Beginner Guide

It’s time to become the best spy in Deceive Inc!

Being a spy was never an easy job. In Deceive Inc now you have a chance to be a real spy where you are going to meet the other spies and work on a case in order to solve the mission before them. Choosing the right tools and dressing in high-tech equipment will keep you one step ahead of the other spies.

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know before starting the spy journey in Deceive Inc!

Beginner Guide

Deceive Inc is a fun PVP stealth-oriented game in which you pick your character and blend in with NPCs among the other players and try to escape with the briefcase.

We are going to cover specific characters and it’s recommended for first-time players that will tell you what your general priorities should be in a match.

As you start the game, you will have to pay attention to your general plan which all of it revolves to your upgrades.

You will be able to find a lot of microchips in safes throughout the level which are shown at the bottom left of your screen. All of them can be customized in your field deck at the customization menu.

However, your general priority is to get all of them without dying.

There are a total of 4 upgrades that can be found: gray, green, blue, and purple which are the first common upgrades. There is also a gold upgrade that only comes when you’re disabling a vault terminal.

The vault terminals can be found in every room, and if you are unlucky then you have to check multiple rooms.

Once you become better at your game, we recommend to try getting your buffs in the reverse order, not meaning that you have to skip any upgrade, but by any chance in you can start and unlock some of the higher vaults such as gold and purple.

One very important thing to know is that you can actually run while undercover more than you think, just make sure not to jump unless you’re already in a fight because it’ll instantly give you away to everyone around.

After three vault terminals have been disabled by players in the match, the vault will open and that is where the primary objective, the briefcase is.

You have to make sure to go into the vault with the blue guard cover, and once you get further in, be sure to grab the scientist cover as soon as possible because you will need that to access the final Gold Room.

If you are the first one that makes it to the gold door, it costs 10 intel currently to open unless you have the gold key card. Once you have the briefcase, you can use the “Q” ability to get wall hacks and see everybody within a certain radius around you.

Above the door of the vault, you can see a light that can be green if the vault is empty, or red if another player is currently inside. While you’re running out with the briefcase, you can use your scan to check for surrounding players and then start running to exit the vault.

The next part is extracting. If you’re extracting yourself, there are three different extraction points you can choose, and use your “Q” ability again to see where most players are and go for the one that is furthest away from the group.

You have to know that if you have the briefcase, your position will be pinged to all players in the match. If you run it will ping even more frequently.

With the pings on the map, you can actually change position in the period before the next ping is, and other players won’t be able to find you easily on the last location that pinged on the map.

You can also change your outfit in between each of the pings which will make it hard to be recognized and detected on the map.

This might be a pretty complicated game, but once you play a couple of matches, you will get the feel for it and it will all start to kind of make sense, and then you can start changing your strategy based on your character’s build and your personal preferences.

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