Which graphics compression is better the remake or the original one? Check this guide and learn more about the graphics compressions in Destroy All Humans 2.

Destroy all humans is a game whose story is about an alien invasion that happened 10 years ago and one dangerous agent that needs to stop all of that. The perks of this creature are that he can clone himself into different objects and creatures and after he got the place in the white house the alien invasion will start.

However, we will keep up with the graphics comparison of this game and what will be at the center of the view is the remake vs original graphics comparison.

Destroy All Humans 2: Remake vs Original Graphics Comparison

1. Remake Vs Original Graphics Comparison – First Encounter

This game has gone through some changes and if you may notice the resolution of the first picture lower quality than the second one which is pretty cool and give a whole new look to this game.

The remake version has different color lights included and another small blue lighting that makes the picture more interesting and colorful.

2. Remake Vs Original Graphics Comparison – Meeting Pox

The first one will be with different background, different objects and a story in which two aliens are talking. After the talk, an explosion will happen and you’ll find yourself fighting with other creatures.

The other version will have humans included in the story when meeting Pox. Once they finish the meditation the aliens will appear.

You can as well notice differences in the graphics and pictures here.

3. Remake Vs Original Graphics – The Saucer

The Saucer as well a different look in both versions. One is more ground and dark color oriented and the other one has light blue colors and it travels around water destinations.

Both are high-quality pictures and they are both when it comes to the saucer part pretty cool.

4. Which One Is Better?

In general both have the pretty same stories, but there is a difference in including humans more than aliens.

The remake version has included different colors and one degree plus when it comes to the pictures quality.

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