Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed: Odd Job – Crypto Hired Gun Luka Out

Check out the Odd Job – Crypto Hired Gun Luka Out, side mission in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed!

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Crypto, Hired Hired Gun – Luka Out is an Assassination Odd Job played in Albion in Destroy All Humans 2. Orthopox summons Crypto to give him an important mission that he knows he will enjoy. He needs him to take out a KGB Agent named Luka, who is at the Soviet Embassy and has placed drums of enhanced Blisk Spores all over Albion.

This guide will show you Crypto Hired Gun Luka Out – Odd Job in Destroy All Humans 2.

Odd Job: Crypto Hired Gun Luka Out – Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed

Once you accept the mission, your first objective is to reach the Soviet Embassy where you have to find Luka.

Along the way, you will have to defeat some enemies that will try to stop your way.

When you get inside the restricted embassy area, you will have to find Luka. Above your mini map at the bottom left corner of the screen, you will get a meter that will show you how close you are to Luka.

There will be plenty of enemies, and one of them is Luka. Look around the people around the garden of the embassy until you find Luka.

The moment when you locate him, the meter bar will fill up and you will get another objective to use Cortex Scan on Luka. You will have a short talk with him, and then your objectives will be updated.

The main objective is to Stop Luka’s plans which include killing Luka, and destroying the spore drums. The additional objective is to destroy all spores.

To kill Luka is pretty easy. He is completely harmless and you just need to shoot him.

In order to destroy the spore drums, you will have to follow them on your mini-map which are the white dots.

Once you find them, you have to defeat the enemies who are protecting the spore drum, and then simply explode the spore drum by pressing “E” or even easier to shoot them with your weapon.

After you destroy all the spore drums, you will complete your mission and will be rewarded with plenty of Furotech Cells.

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