Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed: Odd Job – Ruined Algernon’s Change of Heart

Check out this guide to find out how to complete the odd job "Ruined Algernon's Change of Heart in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed.

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Destroy all Humans 2 is the new big thing for gamer lovers of havoc and destruction! You will be able to destroy buildings and literally wipe humans from the face of the earth.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Odd Job – Ruined Algernon’s Change of heart and how you can complete it. Let’s get started.

Odd Job – Ruined Algernon’s Change of Heart: Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed

First of all, you will need to change into the correct disguise to be able to start the Ruined Algernon’s Change of Heart. Look for the big grunt type of NPC and use the disguise skill on him.

Then get inside the yard where the quest will be and interact with the crouched man. This will start the quest.

You will need to ask about the Silhouette.

After you’re done talking you will have 2 objectives:

  • Kill all M16 Bruisers
  • Bring Algernor to M16

To do this simply walk around the area where all the M16 Bruisers will be. They are the suited KGB agents. You will need to kill a whole total of 5 of them. They have a white mark on top of their heads so you will know that it’s them.

A good method of killing is them is to pick them up and throw them through the stone wall.

The next objective will be to pick up Algernon. This is an NPC that will also have a white mark on his head and he is slightly different than the rest. Simply pick him up with your skill and then proceed to take him to your marked point on the map.

Take him back all the way to the base area and look for the bluelasered gate. This is what it looks like:

Once you bring him here you will complete the quest. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide was of some help and aided you in completing Odd Job – Ruined Algernon’s Change of Heart. Have fun completing it!

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