Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed: Odd Job – Revelations

Check out this guide to find out how to complete the Revelations odd job in Destroy all Humans 2.

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USSR had stoned hippies too! That is why you as an alien from outer space will have a task to bring them home safe and sound and that is what you’ll need to do in Odd Job – Revelations.

In this guide, we will be showing you the best ways of taking all the stoned poseurs and how to take them home fast and easy. Let’s get started.

Odd Job – Revelations: Destroy all Humans 2 Reprobed

First of all, you will need to go to the location shown on your map to start this quest. Then when here you will change your disguise into this NPC and proceed to talk with the standing man in the middle of the yard. This will start the quest.

Right after you’re in the quest you will need to pick up this dancing man in front of you. Change into the woman’s disguise next to him and get him to follow you.

You will need to walk on the left and you’ll see a blue marked area on your map there. You will need to get there with this man. He is fairly slow so you’ll need to come back and wait up for him a couple of times.

The other NPC that you’ll need to take home is the Stoned Poser which is right behind the first one(where you originally start the quest).

For this one, you’ll need to use Bodysnatch skill. And then again, take him to his home that will be marked on your map. He will simply follow you there and is also very slow, so wait up for him.

The last one will be this woman that is also sitting in the park next to the previous 2 stoned hippies.

You can use your PK skill to lift her up and take him home by force. This way you will complete all the optional objectives for this mission.

Once you take all of the three stones poseurs home you will have completed the quest. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide had aided you in completing the Odd Job – Revelations quest. Have fun taking stoned hippies home!

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