Trying to figure out which mods will make Dinkum more enjoyable? Check out this guide to see the best mods!

Explore tropical eucalyptus forests, survive in hot deserts, chill out at cool billabongs, and find cute Aussie-inspired animals in scrubland.

In this guide, we will be talking about the 5 Best and Cool Mods to use. Let’s see which they are.

5 Cool Mods to Use – Dinkum

These are the 5 Coolest Mods to Use in Dinkum ranked from 1 to 5.

Number 1 – First Person Mod

There is a First Person Mod in Dinkum?! Yes, there is! And you might be expecting from other similar mods about others games that it will be buggy and unplayable. Well, you would be wrong.

This mod is actually very stable and will provide you with a very interesting perspective of the game.

You will be seeing everything from your eyes when playing this mod. This means that whenever you’ll be traveling you can actually look around and spot the trees in the distance. You can see the sea from far away and the mountains under the skies.

Wielding the Chainsaw has never been better! Highly recommended mod to try out.

Number 2 – Infinite Wheelbarrow Mod

With this mod, the Wheelbarrow can carry an infinite number of dirt piles. But there is a twist. When you empty this wheelbarrow of dirt, the dirt you take out will be the same as the dirt you just added.

If you want to get around this, there is a more advanced version of this mod that has this feature, but you can only hold so many dirt piles at once. It is a life safer and will make your gameplay much smoother and easier.

Give it a try if you’re having trouble with the Wheelbarrow as many players have.

Number 3 – Wet Work

It is as simple as it sounds. You will be able to use tools while you are inside the water. You might be thinking – why would I need that?!

Well, if you’re a veteran of Dinkum you’ll know that there are many things that you’re able to do in the water.

With this Mod you will be able to do all of them. You can actually harvest a lot of materials this way. You are able to do some fishing while inside the water too. It is also very fun too!

Number 4 – X Ray Vision

This mod is absolutely fantastic. It is kind of the wallhack cheat of Dinkum. What it is doing is marking all of the NPCs that might be hard to see.

In the biggest usage of this mod, you’ll be much easily be tracking down fish that are swimming in the water.

They will have their distance marked as well as their names on top of it. Also, if something is underground and you don’t know where it is, X Ray Vision will help you out with that.

Number 5 – Time Management

With this mod, you can change the way time moves in-game. It lets you speed up or slow down time at your own convenience.

It also adds a feature that stops the game completely when you open your journal, so you can look at it without worrying about what’s going on around you.

It is a mod that will make the game fun after you might have played it a very long time.

Those are our top 5 best and coolest mods to use for Dinkum. We hope that you will like them as well and give them a try. Have fun!

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