Dinkum: 6 Secrets You May Have Missed

Ready to learn something new about Dinkum? This guide will reveal 6 secrets you may have missed. Let’s start!

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Dinkum is a great Australian-type adventure game where you are sent to an island to live a unique life and move away from the everyday 9-5 job in the city. During your time on the island, you will learn a bunch of new activities and meet up with great adventurers who are seeking to live a great and enjoyable life just like you.

6 Secrets You may have Missed – Dinkum

Secret 1 – The Guitar Item

Did you know that the guitar item can be used in several different ways?

It can be found in the deep mines, so if you haven’t got it yet go here and grab it.

It can help you while petting animals, and growing plants because as you’re growing your farm in every look, you’ll need to increase your time for keeping them whole.

So, if you grab the guitar, go to the chicken farm and strum a few times will give you the same star animation as when you pet them separately.

After you do that and open the book you’ll see that all of them have now been petted, by only using the guitar.

The guitar can help you to easily move the animals from one place to another because they will follow the sound, which is much easier than using the other items to move them.

Secret 2 – Get Jimmy To Visit Your Island

He will show up, once you see the question mark on the water.

To get him spawned, you’ll need to unlock the deed to the bank and have at least 1M dink on your account. It’s good to know that he’ll only visit you on rainy days.

Gold kangaroo statue, red glider and other items to trade, he’ll as well buy a bunch of other items from you at a really awesome premium price!

Secret 3 – How To Keep The Money

We all know that after we pass out, the next day the number of our dinks will be lowered, to about 70.000 D, which is way too much.

To skip that and to save your money, grab them and just put them in your pocket, because that way you won’t lose a dink while sleeping.

Secret 4 – The Thunder Egg

This egg will appear once the storm hit the ground. You can store them in your pocket so your only chance with these eggs will be to keep them above your head, put the on your motorcycle, etc.

When you transport this egg to town, you’ll bring it to Josh’s place and he’ll offer you money, and how much it depends on its weight.

And the second option you got from collecting this egg is to break it and get the 4 opals that are inside, which can be sold for about 19K dink pro piece.

Secret 5 – Spawn Ted Sally

There are some main conditions to have him spawned on your island:

  • Hunting license of at least level 2
  • He will only appear after midnight on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

If you can’t find him directly, wait to listen to his whistle or search for his torch because with that is easy to spot him.

From him you’ll be able to get crafted hunting items that you can’t craft yourself like:

  • Battle Shovel
  • Bone Bow
  • Bone Arrow
  • Devil B Box and others.

He will as well be prepared to buy some items from you if he needs them.

Secret 6 – Acquiring Fish, Plants and Bug Books

If you click on the book you’ll see if they are ready to be harvested, or the number of days in which they will be harvested.

From this option, you’ll be able to see and plan your actions on how to maintain your plants.

With the bug book, it’s a little different, because this one will help you locate the insects you’re searching for and how to get them and their worth as well. It’s the same with the fish book and the other creatures.

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