Dinkum: All 10 Buffs Guide

Let’s see how you can finally buff up your character with all the available buffs in Dinkum!

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In Dinkum, you have various foods and upgradable items that will give you certain bonuses once consumed. These items are commonly food types that are cooked on the cooking table. The foods are meant to give you strengths that will help you complete everyday challenges much easier.

This guide will show you all 10 different buffs that you can use in Dinkum!

All 10 Buffs Guide – Dinkum

There are a total of 10 buffs that you can get while playing Dinkum. These buffs can be obtained by eating different foods. Hover over each food item to see what type of buff they give and for how long that buff will last.

If you are decked out with different buffs, open up your inventory to see how long your buffs have left. This is a great way to give you a heads-up whenever a buff will run out.

Health Regeneration Buff

This buff will recover a portion of your health for two seconds. The buff is active for 120 seconds once consumed and it has only 1 level.

Stamina Regeneration Buff

This is a brand new buff that has not yet been implemented in the game. Although the name says it all, upon activation, the buff will allow you to regenerate your stamina much quicker and move faster around areas.

Hunting Buff

This buff will multiply the damage dealt. The buff has a total of 3 levels, the third being the best, and it has a 300-second duration. Use this buff whenever you are preparing yourself for combat!

Defense Buff

The defense buff will increase your defense rating and keep you well protected. A buff that has 3 levels and will last for 300 seconds upon activation. A great buff to combine with the Hunting Buff.

Mining Buff

A quite useful buff that can be used for mining and damage dealing as well. This will increase the damage per attack for stones and hard stones. A buff with 3 levels and a 600-second duration upon activation.

Logging Buff

The logging buff is similar to the mining buff, except it works better on logs. A buff with 3 levels and a 600-second duration. A great buff for collecting materials.

Fullness Buff

The fullness buff is a great buff to keep you mobile for quite some time. This buff will slowly recover your stamina, and it will increase it by eating any consumables.

This buff has 3 levels and has a 35-second length per level. Meaning that it can go up to 105 seconds.

Experience Buff

The Experience Buff will multiply your earned XP and help you level up faster. A great buff to combine with the hunting buff and speed things up.

This buff has 2 levels and a 600-second activation duration.

Speed Buff

The speed buff will increase your movement speed. Great for combat and getting to different areas much quicker.

This buff has 3 levels and a 180-second duration upon activation.

Fishing Buff

The fishing buff will increase the reel in distance while you are fishing. This buff has 3 levels and a 1200-second duration upon activation.

That’s all for the current buffs. There is a brand new buff that is lurking around Dinkum which is called the Farming Buff. It has not been implemented yet.

Hopefully, we will see it shortly!

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