Dinkum: All Town Shops Guide

Do you want to learn where to find all of the Shops in Town available in Dinkum? This guide will show you where to look for them.

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After some time that we have collected a great number of coins, it’s time to get some upgrades and useful tools. All of them, (almost all) can be found in different shops that are all over the city. If you want to find them faster and get yourself the item you need this article is what you’re looking for. In the following text, you’ll be able to see the list of shops and some extra info about them.

All Town Shops Guide – Dinkum

1. Melvin’s Shop

Can be found at the end of the city. Once you’re inside the shop you’ll be able to speak with him and get some info.

You can directly order things from this shop that you’ve wanted before. Just click on the list there and choose your favorite piece of furniture.

2. Red Space Shop

Located right behind Melvin’s shop.

Here you’ll be able to speak with Cloner and order your clothes. You can order everything you have only seen before.

3. Franklin’s Shop

Once you’ve set all of the things you’ve bought before it’s time for some more shopping. This time we’re going to Franklin’s Shop to get some more interesting stuff.

Located on the left side of the sea.

Here you can get interesting poison recipes, make trades with him, have a small chat and make really beneficial business.

4. John’s Good Shop

Once you’re out of the previous store, on your left will be located John’s Good Shop.

Mostly stuff for working on your land. Mechanical stuff.

5. Irwin Store

Time to get more animals and food for those that are already yours. There is no better than Irwin’s shop for that.

It can be found behind John’s shop on your left.

6. Rain’s Shop

If you want to upgrade your garden then Rain’s Shop will help you do that with the best plants ever.

Different seeds, plant poisons and other useful stuff for your garden.

7. Theodore’s Museum

You can find very interesting books that will help you discover more about the plants, fish, food and other ingredients you buy.

Some of them may be locked at the beginning but after some time you’ll be able to get them all.

From there, you’ll be able to see the museum’s creatures. Fish, plants, historical stuff, etc.

8. Bletch’s Shop

Here you can find different stuff that will serve you while you’re abroad like sleeping bad, food, clothing for climbing, etc.

9. Bank

You’ll be able to talk with Milburn, donate, transfer money and all the other usual stuff you do in the bank.

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