Read this guide and learn more about the Alpha Bush Devil in Dinkum!

 Have you ever heard of the Alpha Bush Devil in Dinkum? In this guide, you’ll learn the easiest way to go after him and trust me you need to follow the right directions because there could be some hilarious fails that none of us want to see. You need to be well prepared with proper equipment because this guy it’s really tough and dangerous. Let’s get him!

Alpha Bush Devil Guide – Dinkum

Before you start going, I suggest you to drink the bottle of the Brush Get-Go to increase your strength.

Go up to the battlefield and use the Battle Red and Sharp Shovel to defeat him until he loses his strength.

Be careful and try to get rid of the many fireballs that he’ll be hitting you with.

Try to hit him faster and lure him to come to its own fireballs and kill him.

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