Check this guide and learn more about Animal Farm in Dinkum!

In the following text, you’ll be able to learn more about the animals that can be found on the farm in Dinkum! There are a few of them that will be presented in the rest of this article and some more information about them.

Animals can provide and help you increase your farm capacity and quality as well so this article can help you find out which of them are worth having!

Animal Farm Guide – Dinkum

There are three main animal categories but at the begging, I will present to you the ones that give cool stuff which can bring you benefits:

  • The Australian Marcus
  • Three Chickens (Bubbers, Queen and Ginger)
  • Watson the,, cow’’ ( It doesn’t look like one but gives high-quality milk)

We all know that from the chicken we get meat and eggs, so the only obligation here is to feed them and make sure they spawn and increase their number.

From the Australian Markus, you can get great material to make cool stuff once you shear him. You’ll need to pet him by giving him food and water and keeping him clean to have the best coat you can ever imagine.

And from Watson, you can get the best milk with the highest quality from all of the other animals that give milk and are included in Dinkum.

As you can see you get interesting items from these animals which can be sold or you can use them and out them in the Machinery to get something even better!

You can make cheese, cook the eggs, clothes or pillows. You can increase their food to grow their production and get more of their sources.

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