Want to figure out how to start off playing Dinkum? Check out these beginner tips and tricks to find out!

Dinkum is a great adventure life simulator where you end up on an island and start to live your own life! During this adventure, the character in Dinkum will need to survive and collect many resources as well as complete objectives to become stronger and progress through the game much further!

This guide will show you all the beginner tips and tricks for Dinkum!

Beginner Tips & Tricks – Dinkum

Making Money

Money is essential in this game if you want to purchase new licenses, and various materials and even build yourself a great home to live in.

When you start off the game you will have almost 0 money. The best way to obtain money at the start of the game is to collect bugs and fish.

Once you’ve obtained all your bugs and fishes, take them back to John the vendor and sell all your goodies for cash!

Going over to the bulletin board and completing the quests there will also grant you a lot of cash early on. Make sure to follow the objectives that it gives you to earn even more cash!


Orchards can be made really easily in this game. They will be used to provide you with an unlimited amount of food for your character, and also provide materials that you can sell for cash.

Whenever you chop down a tree, you will get 2 seeds/fruits from it. Simply dig a hole, throw the fruit inside and cover it with dirt to make a small sapling, and wait for it to grow to a full tree that will provide for you.

Milestones & Licenses

Milestones and Licenses are the things that will get you going quite quickly in this game. All of the licenses that you can purchase in the game will allow your character to complete many different actions such as:

  • Fishing
  • Farming
  • Excavation
  • Metal Detecting
  • Trapping License
  • Cargo License
  • Landscaping License

The milestones that you can do in this game are a joke, they are simple objectives that you can easily complete and earn a ton of license points for them.

Spend the license points to get new licenses which will allow you to upgrade your island.

Build More Machines

Having more machines at your camp at the beginning is great if you have multiple ores that you want to smelt or cut wood at the same time.

This will speed up the process of you turning raw materials into craftable materials.

Energy & Food

Making the Cooking Table in this game is essential. Your character cannot go around mine and cut logs as much as he wants. You have an energy bar that gets low whenever you do activities.

To refresh your character, you will need to cook various foods and eat them in order to replenish your energy bar and continue going on with your actions.

You can eat raw foods straight from the trees or plants, but they will not be as effective as foods that are made in the cooking table.

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