Are you read to update your farm? In this guide you`ll discover which Dinkum Crab Pot Key is the best and how to get it!

As we all know fishing, hunting and gardening are the best ways to survive in Dinkum. Despite the fact that you`ll need all of that to survive, you will as well need all of the items you get to trade for better ones. In this guide, you`ll be able to learn more about the Crab Pots their use and where to set them.

Best Crab Pot Key Farm – Dinkum

The crab pots will not only give you keys, but different types of food items, farm tools and other beverages.

However, you need to set mor of them in the water and after some time you should start looting them in order to get the items hidden inside.

Once you empty all of them take one more circle, place the luring item inside and wait for more to come. Simple as that!

Hope this guide helped you to learn more about Dinkum, stay tuned for more and enjoy the game!

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