Still haven’t figured out which weapon is best in Dinkum? Check out this guide to find out about the best weapon to use in Dinkum!

In Dinkum, you can be the greatest adventurer and explore your island filled with different animals, caves, and biomes. During your exploration, you will encounter wild animals that will try to attack you. To know how to perfectly defend yourself against these creatures, its best that you’ve figured out which weapon will fit you perfectly for the job.

This guide will show you the best weapon to use in Dinkum!

Best Weapon to Use – Dinkum

There are both long-distanced and short-distanced weapons in this game that deal different damage. The long distanced weapons have proven to deal less damage than close ranged weapons.

But on the other hand, you get the advantage of being more protected by having distance between yourself and the creatures.

The best weapon so far that each player can use is the Battle Shovel. This weapon deal a ton of damage, meaning that you can melt through monsters quite easily.

You can obtain this weapon once you’ve obtained a Hunting License. After that, head over to Fletch and craft the weapon by using permit points.

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