Let’s find out How to Fix Doggo Spawnpoints in Dinkum Bloomin Spring!

As you explore the islands in Dinkum, you will find a lot of collectibles and mysterious objects, and also plenty of animals that you can catch. There is also a doggo that is randomly spawning and follows you around. If you lost your doggo and can’t fix its spawn points, then keep on reading our article and learn how to fix it.

In this guide, we will show you How to Fix Doggo Spawnpoints in Dinkum Bloomin Spring!

How to Fix Doggo Spawnpoints

If you don’t see your doggo spawning around anymore, most probably it got stuck, and you have to fix its spawn points. The only way to do it is by using your Stone Wand.

You can use the stone want to rebuild doggo spawns that you have accidentally destroyed or maybe did on purpose. To do that, just make sure to place stones in the area, and it must be the exact same area where the doggo spawned last time.

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As you place the stones back, it will encourage the doggo to spawn back, but it’s not everything you need to do.

Once you are done with the stones, you have to go into your house and sleep. When you wake up the next day, go back to the stones, and you will see your Doggo walking around, which means you have fixed the spawn point.

There are cases that the doggo won’t spawn after you wake up the next day, and because of that, make sure to sleep one more night and for sure the next day it will appear.

Simple as that, you can now go into your game and fix the spawn points of your doggo and never lose it again. Good luck!

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