Haven’t chosen your favorite book in Dinkum? Check this article and learn more about all of the books in Dinkum.

There are many different books where all of the specific items are numbered. There is for example book that contains all the different fish types, bugs and other creatures that will appear during the game. To find out more about these books and the benefits they may offer check out the following text and learn more about some of the books available in Dinkum!

Books Guide – Dinkum

 Here is the list of the books available in Dinkum:

  • Bug Book
  • Machine Manual Book
  • Fish Book
  • Plant Book

There will be many others of them, but at this time I’ve only bumped into these.

1. Bug Book

This book will be available once you get to 30 donations to the museum and there is really interesting stuff you can learn about them.

You’ll be able to catch them and earn coins, and the book will help you find out their worth.

2. Machine Manual Book

The Machine Manual Book needs to be bought from John and you can do that any time you want.

From this book you can learn how to repair things, how to use the machines, how to grind, what you can melt or chop and etc.

3. Fish Book

This book will help you learn all of the fish in the ocean. Despite that you’ll be able to click on the question mark and learn their value.

It’s on you to figure out and use your wish to get these fish!

4. Plant Book

This books will be available every time you stand by a plant and you can learn the plant name and it’s condition.

As well the plant book will change the information when there are time and weather changes.

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