Dinkum: Bow & Arrow Guide

Check out this guide to learn more about how you can use a bow and arrow and defeat everything that stands in your way in Dinkum!

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Dinkum is a great Australian-type adventure game where you are sent to an island to live a unique life and move away from the everyday 9-5 job in the city. During your time on the island, you will learn a bunch of new activities and meet up with great adventurers who are seeking to live a great and enjoyable life just like you.

This guide will show you how to properly use a bow and arrow in Dinkum.

Bow & Arrow Guide – Dinkum

Both the bow and arrows can be purchased from Ted Selly the wandering trader. Ted Selly will offer a bone bow and bone arrows to you for a price.

The price of these items are:

  • Bone Bow = 240.000 Coins
  • Bone Arrow = 500 Coins

You will need to find the wandering merchant and purchase the items from him.

You can also craft the bow by having the following ingredients:

  • Slingshot 1
  • Bone 20
  • Iron Bar 2
  • Copper Bar 2

The bone arrows can be crafted by having the following ingredients:

  • Bone 2
  • Mangrove Stick 2
  • Feather 2

Once you’ve purchased the items from Ted, you can now attack creatures with it the same way you use your slingshot.

The weapon is not that strong but it’s definitely better than a regular slingshot. A good part about it is that you can shoot with it and move around quickly at the same time.

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