It’s time to use your Crab Pot and catch some Crabs in Dinkum!

Playing Dinkum will always keep you busy while doing a lot of jobs that the game is offering for its players. While fishing, you might also catch some crabs and earn extra money. Prepare your Crab pot because you will need it after you learn how to catch crabs.

In this guide, we will show all you need to know about the Crab Pot in Dinkum!

Crab Pot Guide – Dinkum

If you want to catch crabs, you will need to craft your Crab Pot first, and then place it somewhere in the water. Make sure it is a deep shallow.

After the pots are placed, you need to use a meat as a bait for the crabs. Take some meat and place it inside the pot to trigger crabs to come on it.

Once you set the pots, you are good to go, and after a while you can come back and check if there are some crabs inside.

You can even try to make a crab farm by placing plenty of crab pots inside the deep shallow. With this, you can earn a lot of money. One crab is worth around 4000 Dinks.

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