Want to start your adventure inside the Deep Mine and explore it? Check out this guide!

Dinkum is a great game filled with a ton of materials and great things to do. The Deep Mine is a huge part of the game as it’s filled with a lot of unique items, creatures, and materials. Knowing some tips and tricks before entering the deep mine is great for upcoming dangers.

This guide will show you all you need to know about the Deep Mine in Dinkum!

Deep Mine Exploration & Guide – Dinkum

The Deep Mine can be available to the player once they’ve obtained a Deep Mining Licence.

Once you’ve obtained this licence, an underground mine will spawn. This is a separate instance that will require you to have a mine pass if you want to enter the mine.

Each Mine Pass will cost you 25.000 coins.
Once you’ve obtained a Mine Pass, get yourself geared up with some tools and a Miner’s Helmet. Also, try to get a bunch of food and drinks to help you stay hydrated and energized.

Old Keys and torches will also be required for your Deep Mine adventure as there are a bunch of doors and dark areas that you need to light up.

Once you’re ready with everything, simply enter the room and go down inside the mine.

Once you enter inside the mine, be careful of the fire spitting wolves, bats and crocodiles. Note that you can break almost any wall in there which can help you get around areas quicker.

Inside the deep mine you can find Ruby and Iron. Try to open up as many doors as you can to enter bigger rooms with a chest inside. The chest usually contains some basic materials and tools that can help you last in there for much longer.

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