Dinkum: Dirt Printer Guide

Are you wondering how to get and how to use the Dirt Printer in Dinkum? Stick around and you might just learn a thing or two.

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Dinkum is an amazing sandbox game where you get to enjoy a perfect adventurers life. In this game, you will meet a bunch of new people and learn about new machines such as the Dirt Printer.

This guide will show you how to get the Dirt Printer in Dinkum.

Dirt Printer Guide – Dinkum

How to get the Dirt Printer?

To get the Dirt Printer you’ll need to find Franklyn. After you find him Ask him to craft something for you. And then go to the Dirt Printer.

How to use the Dirt Printer?

The Dirt Printer is used like a Platform Builder. For example if you are on sand it can build up Piles of Sand on top of each other and you can easily climb onto them.

The only bad thing about the Dirt Printer, is that it Wastes fast.

We really hope that this Guide helped you.

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