Want to know how you can duplicate items in Dinkum? Check out this guide to find out!

Dinkum is a great adventure game where you need to collect various items if you want to complete different objectives and create the best island possible. On this island, you will meet up with different people that will require you to get certain items to satisfy their needs.

This guide will show you how to duplicate items in Dinkum.

Duplication Glitch Guide (Works in Multiplayer) – Dinkum

This duplication glitch will also work in multiplayer mode if you are on someone else’s island.

For this duplication glitch to take place, you will need to have joined someone else’s world and have the items with you that you want to duplicate.

Once you have all of the items you want to duplicate, go to a bed and sleep with the items in your hotbar to save the game.

Once you’ve slept, the items will be saved in your inventory. The next step is to store the items in a storage crate and try to forcefully crash the game.

The easiest ways to crash your game is to turn off the internet which will automatically disconnect you from the game.

After the game has been crashed, log back in and you will notice the items that you’ve previously placed in your crate will be back on your hotbar.

Go to the crate where you’ve stored the items and you will see that your duplication glitch has worked and you’ve duped items!

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