Want to learn how you can farm feathers in Dinkum? Check out this guide to find out!

Feathers in Dinkum are a great way to begin crafting certain items to reach your desires in the game. Some birds are hard to catch and will give players hard times to obtain these feathers. Grab your spears, bows and arrows. Its feather hunting time!

This guide will show you how to farm feathers in Dinkum.

Feather Farming Guide – Dinkum

Obtaining feathers is pretty difficult in Dinkum. There isn’t really an easy way to obtain this item.

One of the best ways to obtain feathers is to constantly kill turkeys with long ranged melee-weapons such as spears and hope for the best that a feather will drop.

Always have a bow and arrow in your inventory. The chances of you obtaining feathers by killing flying birds are slightly higher than turkeys.

You will need to just overall grind this item and spend a bit more time on it. Run around, kill turkeys and birds and just hope for the higher chances of you obtaining feathers in Dinkum!

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