Plants are not growing as fast as you want? Go grab yourself some fertilizer and check out this guide to see how to use it!

One of the things you need to have to lead your farm successfully is fertilizer. Some of the Dinkum players don’t know the right way to use it and when to pour it into the fields. From the text below you’ll be able to one short guide about how to use the fertilizer in Dinkum. Time to pour it up.

Fertilizer Guide – Dinkum

Tip number one when it’s come to using the fertilizer is to pour it in between the fields. That way you’ll be able to put the seeds there as well afterward.

To know that the field is fertilized you’ll need to scan the little dots poured there. That way you can know that the fertilizing there is done.

You’ll as well need to track the plant mature. That way you’ll know the right timing to fertilize.

To sum up all of the above, with the use of fertilizer you will get more valuable products, both in quantity and quality.

Especially keep the fertilizer for the corn, tomatoes, potatoes, watermelon (all the things you can harvest more times), etc. because they are for sure doubled.

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