Dinkum: Frilly New Animal Guide

Check out the new Frilly Animal in Dinkum!

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Dinkum is a third-person game where you will be in the wilderness of Australia and building up your own farm. You can plant plants, harvest resources, and catch animals.

In this guide, we will be talking about the newly added Animal which is called Frilly. Let’s see is it a good animal to use. Let’s get started.

Frilly New Animal Guide – Dinkum

The latest update of Dinkum has been a really welcome addition to the game. There have been multiple things that you can do that you weren’t able to do before. One of the new things is an animal – the Frilly.

They can be found scattering and roaming throughout the world. To grab them you will need to use a cage which you can drop on top of them. Then you will actually need to carry it in your arms to wherever you want to place it.

If you are a beginner of the game and still in the beginning stages of the game, we recommend you to go after them as soon as you can. They are extremely good moneymaking machines in the early game.

You will catch a couple of them with the cage and then proceed to go to the marketplace of John. Then place them on his counter and sell them to him. You will get tons of cash this way. You can get 42k by selling one.

They are passive creatures which means that they will not attack you on their own. Catching them will be a walk in the park because of this. But if you do decide to attack them, they can pack a punch so be careful. Once you do kill them though, they drop good loot as well.

Overall the Frilly is a very good animal that you want to be using a lot. That’s everything you need to know about the new Frilly! We hope that this guide was helpful and has given you some tips on how to make the best out of the new animal Freely in Dinkum.

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