Want to start gliding in Dinkum? Check out this guide to find out where you can get the glider!

Dinkum is a great Australian-type adventure game where you are sent to an island to live a unique life and move away from the everyday 9-5 job in the city. During your time on the island, you will learn a bunch of new activities and meet up with great adventurers who are seeking to live a great and enjoyable life just like you.

This guide will show you how to get the glider in Dinkum!

Glider Location (How to Obtain) – Dinkum

The Hang Glider is an item that can be unlocked by going inside the dungeon of the deep mine area. Once you’ve unlocked the glider, you can simply equip it and glide from high areas.

This unique item can be also sold at John’s Goods if you are desperate for money for 440.000 coins. It’s not recommended to sell this unique item as it will be useful in the future for many purposes if you want to get around areas faster.

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