Dinkum: Gold Pocket Watch Guide

Have you heard about the Gold Pocked Watch in Dinkum? The information from this guide will lead you to get it!

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There are plenty of upgraded items or things you can make in Dinkum. One of those things is the Gold Pocket Watch. There are severe substances you need and things to do as well. You’ll be able to get this watch once you meet Jimmy. If you want to save your time and get this gold watch for yourself then the text below will be the right fit for your needs.

Gold Pocket Watch Guide – Dinkum

When using this watch, just one left click on the device will get the time rolling and the sun will fall down.

The main point of having the Golden Watch that you’ve taken from Jimmy is that you can set the time for what you want and do the things properly (Example- a great time for fishing at 6 AM).

You can skip days, events, skip sleep, etc.

The cost of this watch is 20K coins.

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