Dinkum: House Customizing Kit

New updates are here. Check out the newest house customizing kit in Dinkum in this guide!

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Get ready to start a new, honest life and build your new home out in the bush. On an island that looks like the wild Australian outback, you can explore tropical eucalyptus forests, hot deserts, and cool billabongs.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to Customize your House through the Kit. Let’s get started.

House Customizing Kit – Dinkum

To get this item you will need to go inside the shop of John. Once you get inside you can walk around and actually see it on one of his stalls. Walk up to it and you can purchase it. You can purchase the House Customizing Kit for a total of 25k. It is pricey but it is something that you will be using a lot in the game.

Before you were able to do this with an item called the Fletch. But now it is changed and you just do everything about your customization with the Kit that you buy from John. It is as simple as that.

Then once you have it you will want to enter your house. You will see that when you open up your door you will have an option not to ENTER, but instead to CUSTOMIZE.

It will ask you a question about whether you want to customize it or not, you will press and select Yes.

Then you will enter a completely new menu for customizing your house. You will get lots of options to choose from. Anything from the color, roof, outlook, pillars, tiles, wooden plans… Literally everything that you wanted to change before, now you will be able to.

You can even change what the house looks like! You can choose the outlook of the walls, the structure of the walls, the shape of your roof, the windows, and even the door. It is a very cool little new feature that will allow for a lot of interesting things and raise the immersion.

That is everything that you need to know about the House Customizing Kit in Dinkum. We hope that this guide was useful and helped you to Customize your house and build your dream home. Happy building!

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