Did you know that you can fly with a Helicopter in Dinkum? Check out this guide to find out more about helicopters in Dinkum!

In Dinkum, you will always be busy doing some job or exploring the adventurous map of the Australian-themed island. Aside from doing all the jobs on the ground, now you can even buy a helicopter and fly. If you are excited to buy your new Helicopter, keep on reading our article.

This guide will show you How to buy a Helicopter in Dinkum!

How to buy a Helicopter – Dinkum

Before buying your new Helicopter, you need to go to Fletch and get your Vehicle License, if you don’t have one yet.

This license cost only 7.200 Permit Points and it will allow you to purchase and pilot flying vehicles.

Once you get your Vehicle License, go to Franklyn and ask him “Can you make me something”.

He will offer all the items that he can craft, and there on the list, you can find a Helicopter, which cost 3.000.000 coins.

You will need to have 3.000.000 coins but also it will require some ingredients.

To craft a Helicopter, you will need to have the following ingredients:

  • Old Gear: 10
  • Old Spring: 10
  • Iron Bar: 15
  • Old Contraption: 4
  • Bright Wire: 10

Once you get all the required ingredients, you can press Commission, and then Franklyn will charge you for the Helicopter.

You will need to wait approximately less than one in-game day for the Helicopter to be crafted. The next day, in your mailbox you will receive a package from Franklyn which is your Helicopter.

Now, go to some open area on the map, and place the Helicopter package from your items.

To fly it, just get close to it and interact with your mouse to Drive.

Once you are ready, you can jump in your Helicopter and fly around the map.

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