Dinkum: How To Collect Wool & Craft Cloth

It’s time to Collect Wool & Craft Cloth in Dinkum!

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If you have an animal farm in Dinkum, you always have to take care of your animal and feed them if you want to get some products from them in return. As you progress in the game, you will need a cloth, and to craft your cloth you will have to collect more wool. Now, for the wool, you must have your animals where you can get it from.

In this guide, we will show you How to Collect Wool and Craft Cloth in Dinkum!

How To Collect Wool & Craft Cloth – Dinkum

Playing Dinkum, as you advance through the game, you will need more and more cloth that can be crafted from the wool of your animals. Once you have settled your camp and farms, you can easily get them for free.

All you need is to bring your Shears which can snip off some wool.

Equip the shears and make your way to your animal farm. You need to have the kind of animal which can produce wool for you. Those will be most probably the sheep and a few others.

Once you have your shears, just go close to the animal and snip off its wool.

After you collect enough wool, you need to get the spinning wheel. You can craft even more than one if you have the required ingredients to make the whole process faster.

Once you get your spinning wheel, place it down in your base, and insert some wool on it to start working.

Once it’s set up, you can go and take a sleep or continue working on something else in Dinkum. The next day, when you go back to the spinning wheel, there will be a cloth waiting for you to collect.

Using this method that we mentioned above will get you more wool, and you can craft as much as you want cloth.

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