Dinkum: How To Craft & Operate a Chainsaw

Let’s craft a Chainsaw and cut some woods in Dinkum! Check out this guide to find out more about the chainsaw!

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In Dinkum, you will always be busy doing some job or exploring the adventurous map of the Australian-themed island. Because wood is one of the main resources needed for crafting a lot of items in the game, you will need to cut some wood on the islands, and at the same time sell it and earn more money. To do it you will need to have a Chainsaw.

In this guide, we will show you How to Craft & Operate a Chainsaw in Dinkum!

How To Craft & Operate a Chainsaw – Dinkum

In order to get your Chainsaw, you will have to go and talk to Franklyn in his camp.

Once you ask him to make something for you, he will offer a list of all the items that he can craft for you.

On the list, you can choose the Chainsaw which cost 100.000 coins.

For the recipe, you will need some of the followed ingredients:

  • Old Gear: 5
  • Hot Cylinder: 2
  • Green Board: 1
  • Iron Bar: 8
  • Table Saw: 1

Once you collect all the ingredients, you can now craft the Chainsaw. Click on the Commission and Franklyn will charge you 100.000 coins. The duration of the crafting will take approximately one day. Once you have an agreement with Frankly, press Let’s make it!

The next day in the game, you will receive a package from Franklyn in your mailbox and it will be the Chainsaw that you ordered from him.

Now, once you have the Chainsaw, equip it and go to some area where are plenty of trees. All you need to do is go near the tree and cut it with your Chainsaw. It has a short duration for the tree to be cut.

It is pretty fast and you can cut a lot of trees in a short period of time.

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