Let’s learn how to craft and operate a Quarry in Dinkum! Check out this guide to find out!

At the beginning of Dinkum, players will be required to have some ores in order to craft some of the higher-end crafting blueprints and to do it, you will need a Quarry which is a commissioned item in the game that will passively bring you some extra ores.

In this guide, we will show you How to Craft and Operate a Quarry!

How to Craft & Operate a Quarry – Dinkum

The Quarry is a commissioned item that can be obtained from Franklyn. Go to the camp and talk to Franklyn to craft a Quarry for you.

During the conversation, click on “Can you make me something” and he will show you the entire list of crafting items. Just click on Quarry and check the required ingredients needed to commission the item.

The Quarry cost 70.000 coins, and it requires the following ingredients:

  • Old Gear: 5
  • Old Contraption: 1
  • Old Spring: 3
  • Button Board: 1
  • Old Toy: 1

Once you have all the required ingredients, you can click on Commission and Franklyn will charge you 70.000 coins for it.

It takes around one in-game day for the Quarry to be crafted. Once it’s done, you will receive it in a package from Franklyn in your mailbox.

Now, after you got your Quarry, need to place it down on the ground. Go to the nearest desired area and place it down.

Once you place it down, it will start working. The next day, you can go to the Quarry and see that there will be a rock next to it. Use your Iron Pickaxe and crack it to obtain a few Ores.

You can place even more Quarries and repeat the same process every day in order to obtain even more ores faster.

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