Learn how to farm grass seeds in Dinkum in this guide!

Dinkum is still in the early access on Steam such that when you play, you become involved as the game develops further. Dinkum is an indie, RPG, and simulation game, similar to the crowd favorite Animal Crossing. One of distinct characteristics of this game is the heavy inspiration from Aussie wildlife which actually made the game pretty cool.

In this guide, we will show you how to farm grass seeds in Dinkum!

How to Farm Grass Seeds – Dinkum

Grass is essential if you want to turn brown soil into lush green in Dinkum. In order to have grass in your farm, you will need to farm grass seeds.

To farm grass seeds, you need to place a sprinkler in an area and then plant a grass seed. This way, every inch of soil that the sprinkler reaches will grow the type of grass you planted as a seed. The grass that you planted would then grow to a point where you can actually harvest the seeds from the large sprigs and be able to plant them again.

Of course, you can cut the ones that are not growing to give them a chance to respawn as the larger ones where you can get the seeds.

To summarize some of the grasses and the seeds they produce – fur grass will produce normal grass seeds; and ferns will produce tropical grass seeds.

With this tutorial, you will know already how you can get grass without having to forage grass endlessly when the game goes live.

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