So, you want to use commands to enhance your game? Check out this guide to find out how to get pets and items with devCommands in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a survival type game with similarities to Minecraft, Terraria and other games alike. The game has proven a massive success even though the game is very new gaining players from a lot of different communities, but did you know that there is a way to spawn NPCs, animals and even items that are yet to be added into the official game?

Stick around to find out how!

How to Get Pets & Items With devCommands – Dinkum

To enable the commands in order to get the new items you will need to press enter, after pressing the key a popup will appear where you will have to type in devCommandsOn.

after that you will need to press again and type in cheatsOn.

Once this is done you will be able to use the commands that you can use to spawn the new items and that are yet to be released.

Every animal and NPC has a unique code in order to spawn animals you need to type in the command spawnAnimal and the spawn number of the specific animal.

The command to Spawn NPCs is spawnNpc and the coherent number of that NPC.

There are four new NPCs that you can spawn but are yet to be modeled so what you will spawn is a placeholder model for the NPC.

The codes are:

spawnNpc 12 – RamsayRamsay

spawnNpc 13 – Jackie

spawnNpc 14 – Timber

spawnNpc 15 – Ghost

These are all the new NPCs stacked in one place.

If you want to spawn items that are not added yet you just need to press the equal sign on your keyboard then a menu will pop up from which you can spawn any item and put it in your inventory.

Remember in order to use this menu you will need to have Cheats enabled.

You can also change the time of Day and skip the day itself by using the commands.



The Command nextDayChange is an interesting one because as stated it let’s you skip a full day without saving so you could use this command for building things faster and or grow all your crops faster.

Speaking of crops there is also a command called cropsGrowAllSeasons, this command allows your crops to grow a lot faster.

Another interesting command which does not serve a very big purpose is except for making your character look fabulous is the command randomClothing. When you apply this command your outfit changes randomly.

To stop the effect of the command you need to type in the command stopRandom.

Another command on this list is the command noClipNoFollow. This command allows your camera to be free and can clip through objects, this command is useful if you are looking to create any screenshots.

The final command is the command that allows you to rename your island. To use this command you will need to type in renameisland and the new name.

And of course if you need to turn of the cheats you will need to type in devCommandsOff.

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