Check out this guide to find out how you can obtain the Candle Hat in Dinkum!

Dinkum has a giant variety of cosmetics that you can apply to your character. Some of these cosmetics can be obtained in a cool and unique way. The Candle Hat is a unique cosmetic that will require you to do specific things if you want to have a cool look to your character.

This guide will show you how to obtain the Candle Hat in Dinkum.

How to Get the Candle Hat – Dinkum

If you want to obtain the Candle Hat in Dinkum, head over to the museum and speak with Theodore. Or just head over to the villagers and keep asking them if they have items for sale, eventually, they will offer you the Candle Hat.

NOTE that you will need to have done several donations to the museum if you want the Candle Hat to be unlocked for purchase.

After you’ve reached a certain amount of donations, speak with Theodore and select the “I Want to Chat” option and follow up by selecting the “Need Anything?” option.

Once you’ve selected this option, he will offer you his Candle Hat for 446 coins.

When the Candle Hat has been finally purchased, you will find it in your inventory where you can equip it as your headpiece and have infinite lighting wherever you go in Dinkum!

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