Dinkum: How to Get Worms (Worm Farm Guide)

Want to obtain more worms in Dinkum? Check out this worm farming guide!

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In Dinkum, you can do a ton of things that will keep you busy. The game simply will not get boring. Worms in this game can be used the same way as you would use a regular compost. Knowing the basic tips and tricks to obtain a worm farm is great for getting more farming materials.

This guide will show you how to get worms with a worm farm in Dinkum!

How to Get Worms (Worm Farm Guide) – Dinkum

Once you’ve reached Bug Catching to level 20, you will unlock the Worm Farm. This farm will require you to have the following ingredients in order to craft it, they are:

  • Roo Poo = 25/25
  • Bone = 15/15
  • Copper Bar = 5/5
  • Iron Bar = 5/5
  • Hard Wood Plank = 15/15

This build is slightly expensive, but it will surely be worth the materials if you are in need of some extra fertilizer for your crops.

Once you place them down, you need to wait 4 in-game days for them to fully produce 1 bag of fertilizer. Simply get close to the worm farms and harvest them.

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